We want to make our Strategy Builder as easy and intuitive as possible, but realize it's not always easy to know where to start!

To help, we've added some tutorials to walk you through building your first models. Each of the tutorials below also has a video to go with it (just click on the post and you'll find it) so you can see each of the steps along the way.

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Build your First Trading Bot!

New to Algorithmic Trading? Start Here!

The world of algorithmic trading is vast and can be overwhelming. Learn how you can get started in just minutes without knowing how to code!

The Fastest way to Build your Own Trend Following System
Step-by-step guide to build your first trading algo in just a few minutes!

We show you how to get up and running with a basic trend following strategy in under 5 minutes! You'll have it built, backtested, and can get to trading right away!

Build a Bot to Beat the Bear Market
Learn how to Out Fox the Next Bear Market with Our Strategy Builder

Like Odysseus, tying yourself to the mast of your strategy is the best way to navigate the Scylla and Charybdis of a bear market: buying into a bear and then selling out at the bottom.

Use the PSAR to Time your Entries
Guide to designing a trend following system with the PSAR

The Parabolic Stop-and-Reverse (PSAR) is designed to identify trends and their reversals. We show you how to use it for a buy signal to jump on a trend early and ride that momentum!